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The best way to sum me up? Artistic talent without the temperament.

So my background as a professional actor means I know how to use my voice to tell a story, I create believable and memorable characters, and I’ve got the dramatic skills to bring a script to life. But I’m also a big fan of old-school studio etiquette. I always turn up on time, I respect my producers, and I can often nail what’s needed in just one take.  

I’ve trained with comedy improv group Monkey Toast and physical theatre company Frantic Assembly, experiences that encouraged my creativity and taught me the value of a great team. I worked for seven years in live broadcasting, learning to think on my feet and stay focused under pressure. I’ve done everything from corporate training videos and big brand TV adverts to radio drama and character work, which has made me flexible and versatile. And I’ve sat in the Director’s chair on more than one occasion, so I know the pressures and processes on that side of the glass.  

So if you’re keen to hear me in action, you can check out my demo reels. If you want more details of my acting experience, you can take a look at my profile in the Spotlight directory. Or if you don’t need any of that because you’re already persuaded I’d be great for your project, let’s chat. 



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